Adventist Schools in Western Australia


Carmel Adventist College is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Seventh-day Adventists believe that a loving God created us in His image, which has been marred by sin. Through the death of Jesus, God offers us grace and the free gift of eternal life.

The Bible is our guide to understanding God and His plans for us, this world, and our future with Him. It presents true and eternal values on which our lives can be based. The Special Character of Adventist Education is based on a worldview that infuses the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Carmel Adventist College is part of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Education system, which operates over 7,800 schools, colleges and universities, with a total enrolment of over 1.814 million students worldwide. Across Australia there are over 60 Adventist colleges, educating more than 12,000 students, providing a network of resources to give your child an education of the highest quality, in an ideal learning environment.

Adventist Education is one that provides families with an education that:

  • Nurtures children with care
  • Allows children to develop as well rounded individuals
  • Reinforces the values of home
  • Instills in children self-discipline and respect for others
  • Teaches children how to learn
  • Gives children skills and knowledge to build a future economically and socially

School Council

Carmel Adventist College and Carmel Adventist College Primary are governed locally by the School Council.  Each School Council is accountable to, and acts on behalf of, Adventist Christian Schools (WA) Ltd (ACSWA), and is appointed for a term of four years.  Its members consist of elected and ex-officio representatives. The Principal of each college is the secretary of the School Council.

Primary Campus

Mr John Pocock

Mrs Janine Taylor—Principal (Primary Campus)

Mrs Rhonda Belson—Education Director (ACSWA)
Mrs Stacey Kendall—Business Manager (ACSWA)
Mr Brad Collett
Mr Darren McMillan
Mrs Shani Green
Mr Nicholas Thomson—Principal (Secondary Campus)                                                         
Mrs Nicola Warchol—Chaplain

Secondary Campus

Mr Brendan Newitt

Mr Nicholas Thomson - Principal (Secondary Campus)

Mrs Rhonda Belson—Education Director (ACSWA)
Mrs Stacey Kendall—Business Manager (ACSWA)
Mrs Janine Taylor—Principal (Primary Campus)
Mr Brendon Derry
Mr Mike Caldwell

Mr Peter Forrest




Functions of the School Council

  • Promote high educational and Christian standards
  • Set and operate an effective budget
  • Uphold the college through prayer and personal support
  • Review all enrolments and endorse their acceptance
  • Plan for the care and development of the school premises
  • Oversee the smooth operation of the college

Any concerns about the college can be directed in writing to the secretary of the School Council. Written notice must be received by the secretary one week before the next scheduled meeting. Meetings dates will be listed on the School Planner and advertised in the newsletters.

Parents and Friends Association

The association is made up of interested parents whose primary role is to foster meaningful relationships between parents and the school, and in doing so, contribute to the development of the child.

Members of the Parents and Friends Association are appointed annually by the School Council. Those elected are: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and at least three others. The Principal is ex-officio.

Functions of the Parents and Friends Association
  1. Promote Christian Education
  2. Fund-raising
  3. Organise parental assistance in school activities
  4. Conduct general educational meetings of interest for parents

The Primary and Secondary Campuses each have their own P & F associations. Mr Shaun Bishop and Mrs Karen Bishop are Associate Leaders/ Chairpersons for the Primary Campus.  The Chairperson for the Secondary Campus is Mr Scott Sice.