Adventist Schools in Western Australia

Meet Our Team

Carmel Adventist College is made up of a number of very committed people. Teachers, administrators, cleaners, ground keepers and many other support staff. Take some time and get to know some of the people that make up the Carmel team.

You can use the filter below to view staff from both the primary and secondary campuses.

  • Photograph of Adam Di Rosso
    Adam Di Rosso

    Teacher, Head of Health & Physical Education Department


  • Photograph of Devin Stafford
    Devin Stafford

    Teacher, Head of Technology & Arts Department


  • Photograph of Amy Turner
    Amy Turner

    Chaplain (Primary)


  • Photograph of Jessica Foster
    Jessica Foster

    Deputy Principal (Secondary)


  • Photograph of Jason Drury
    Jason Drury

    Boarding House Team


  • Photograph of Raeanne Felhberg
    Raeanne Felhberg

    Year 6 Teacher


  • Photograph of Kylie Blagden
    Kylie Blagden

    Year 1 Teacher


  • Photograph of Ronald Hiscox
    Ronald Hiscox

    Teacher, ICT Manager


  • Photograph of Brydon Eaton
    Brydon Eaton

    Music & Sport Teacher


  • Photograph of Jonathan Hughes
    Jonathan Hughes

    Year 4 Teacher


  • Photograph of Joanne Pearson
    Joanne Pearson

    Registrar (Secondary) & Administration Assistant


  • Photograph of Jeff Wallis
    Jeff Wallis

    Kindergarten & Pre Primary Teacher


  • Photograph of Sepeti Fui
    Sepeti Fui

    Teacher, Head of Maths Department, Year 10 Coordinator


  • Photograph of Karen Bishop
    Karen Bishop

    Teacher, Year 8 Coordinator


  • Photograph of Holly Gunter
    Holly Gunter



  • Photograph of Elizabeth Ananda
    Elizabeth Ananda

    Year 5 Teacher


  • Photograph of Janelle Kopp
    Janelle Kopp

    Educational Assistant


  • Photograph of Matthew Turner
    Matthew Turner

    Boarding House Team


  • Photograph of Chloe Brown
    Chloe Brown

    Receptionist (Secondary)


  • Photograph of Suresh Narlapati
    Suresh Narlapati



  • Photograph of Nicole Richardson
    Nicole Richardson

    Teacher, Head of HASS Department, Year 12 Coordinator


  • Photograph of Clair Nolan
    Clair Nolan



  • Photograph of Jodee Walker
    Jodee Walker

    Year 6 Teacher (on leave)


  • Photograph of Samantha Knopper
    Samantha Knopper



  • Photograph of Tong Tong
    Tong Tong

    Bible & Health/PE Teacher


  • Photograph of Narelle Duncan
    Narelle Duncan

    Registrar (Primary) & Bus Co-Ordinator


  • Photograph of Megan Pryce
    Megan Pryce

    Education Assistant


  • Photograph of Candice Keating
    Candice Keating

    Year 5 Teacher


  • Photograph of Nerolie Hiscox
    Nerolie Hiscox



  • Photograph of Yoon Wong
    Yoon Wong



  • Photograph of Anne Tonkin
    Anne Tonkin

    Boarding House & Indigenous Learning Centre Manager


  • Photograph of Robyn Robinson
    Robyn Robinson

    Teacher, Year 11 Coordinator


  • Photograph of Coby Hobbs
    Coby Hobbs

    Visual Art Teacher (on leave)


  • Photograph of Taryn Turner
    Taryn Turner

    Boarding House Team


  • Photograph of Tania Stafford
    Tania Stafford

    Teacher, Head of Science Department


  • Photograph of Wennie Habekost
    Wennie Habekost

    Year 2 Teacher (on leave)


  • Photograph of Brad Flynn
    Brad Flynn

    Principal (Secondary Campus)


  • Photograph of Heather Hughes
    Heather Hughes

    Teacher, Year 7 Coordinator


  • Photograph of Paul Attwood
    Paul Attwood

    Year 2 Teacher


  • Photograph of Naomi Thomas
    Naomi Thomas

    Bursar (Secondary)


  • Photograph of Glenys Blagden
    Glenys Blagden

    Year 3 Teacher


  • Photograph of Janine Taylor
    Janine Taylor

    Principal (Primary Campus)


  • Photograph of Andrew Olsen
    Andrew Olsen

    Chaplain (Secondary)


  • Photograph of Amitha Narlapati
    Amitha Narlapati



  • Photograph of Stephanie Watson
    Stephanie Watson



  • Photograph of Shannon Smoker
    Shannon Smoker

    Maintenance Manager & Gardener


  • Photograph of Carolyn Frisby
    Carolyn Frisby

    Teacher, Head of English Dept


  • Photograph of Debra Sheldrick
    Debra Sheldrick

    Kindergarten Teacher & Education Assistant


  • Photograph of Nicola Warchol
    Nicola Warchol

    Deputy Principal (Primary)


  • Photograph of Ryan Dessington
    Ryan Dessington

    Teacher, Year 9 Coordinator


  • Photograph of Amanda Lobegeiger
    Amanda Lobegeiger

    Director of Studies


  • Photograph of Miranda Leijser
    Miranda Leijser

    Chaplain (Secondary)


  • Photograph of Laurene Chapman
    Laurene Chapman

    Education Assistant