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Try Carmel for a Day!

Come and experience what it is like to be part of our school community for a day!

Choosing a school for your child is a daunting task, as there are so many unknowns.  That is why at Carmel Adventist College, we invite potential new students who have undertaken an interview, to join us for a day, and experience what it is like to be a student at Carmel. Your child will be included in all the day’s activities and lessons, and will be given a buddy to help show them to classes and around the school campus. Our desire is for your child to know how welcome they are in our school, and to experience first-hand, what it is like to belong to our school community.

If you would like to 'Try Carmel For a Day' then please contact the College, use the form below, or phone either campus.

Try Carmel for a Day!

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