Adventist Schools in Western Australia

Our History

Making Granola

1st January 1912

Amy Smith, Bertha Miller and Arthur Powell in 1912 making the breakfast cereal granola, which was taken to Perth for sale. To help pay part of their school fees, each student was required to balance study with a regular work program on the College farm.1

I was always interested in getting our young people in our college to prepare themselves for Christian service. We were sending several to Avondale but the distance was so far it made it very expensive... Soon, so many students came we did not have enough work, so one day I took off my coat and taught them how to make granola and gluten. They took it down to our office in Perth and they sold it there... Letter written to Ross Goldstone, 1 October 1974, by Pastor Finster, then 100 years old.

1. Glimpses of Carmel Adventist College, 2007, p20