Adventist Schools in Western Australia

Our History

School Opens

12th January 1907

This school began as the Darling Range School in 1907 with just two students. By the end of the year there were fourteen. In 1908 the school was relocated to a better position higher up the valley. Church members demonstrated their interest in the venture by contributing both time and money. Pastor Martin was both the architect and builder and was assisted by the students, for whom manual labour was compulsory, and for which they received six pence (five cents) per hour. This building programme also included faculty homes, a laundry and bakehouse. Building was not completed until 1926.

Picture: To help with the lack of sleeping quarters at the new school, a dormitory addition as added to Charles and Ada Ashcroft's family home.1

1. Glipses of Carmel Adventist College, 2007, p21.