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Greatness Through Service

For over 100 years, Carmel Adventist College has centred its vision on serving the community through providing excellent, value-based education to the children who daily walk through the doors of each classroom.

Beyond serving the community in this way, the College emulates service through fostering a heart of service in the students who attend the school. This occurs through the underpinning philosophy of the curriculum, as well as through overt service opportunities provided by Carmel Adventist College.

Sarah - Cambodia

“I was pushed outside of my comfort-zone and did things I never thought I would do.  This trip made me feel like I had a purpose and a reason, and that I’m actually doing things for others…” 

Kadia - Cambodia

“Cambodia was an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life…We didn’t just send over money to help out, we went over there and physically helped build a school and garden beds. I know when I told my relatives of what I was going to do over in Cambodia they couldn’t believe how involved we were getting but I think if we didn’t, the experience wouldn’t have been half as gratifying.”

Tristan - Cambodia

I feel like even though we went over to Cambodia to serve others, we also gained knowledge and learned a lot about life. The lesson that I learnt from the trip was that if you can reach out to just one person or one kid, you are still making a difference, and you’re still achieving something. I would definitely go again! The previous Year 10’s said that the trip was life changing and a lot of people just sort of took that as ‘yeah, whatever they’re just saying that’, but until you actually experience it for yourself, you will never really understand what it means.

William - Cambodia

“Going to Cambodia is the most memorable experience of my life thus far.  Helping build the school for the village was rewarding and everyone went above and beyond.” 

Winona - Cambodia

Going to Cambodia has changed me a lot; it makes me feel so grateful for all I have and also it makes me feel really guilty when I feel like I don’t have enough. I just love the people, culture, the atmosphere and of course the food.  When I first found out I was going I was really scared because it was the first time going overseas especially without my family but this trip has made me step out of my comfort-zone and just get in there. Just experiencing another culture/ language - and meeting different families and the kids – I loved it! All I have to say is God has blessed me a lot for all the things He done for me. I’m hoping to go back next year or whenever and just help more.

Blake - Malaysia

What an awesome way to finish off the year!  It was so much fun understanding the history and lifestyle of the people in Malaysia.  Even though we did spend a large amount of time eating and being with the locals, we did some backbreaking work.  If felt great to be able to help the people of Segong with the Youth Centre and to finish a large percentage of the kitchen which we came to build.  This trip was a great opportunity to further connect with my class, make some awesome new friends and to serve God’s people.

Skye - Malaysia

The Malaysia trip of 2014 was an amazing experience.  My highlight of the trip was going to Segong and to hangout with the Youth.  Seeing the difference in cultures was also exciting.  The biggest point on the trip for me was being brought into a family that had only known me for one week.  From this I gained brothers, sisters and more.  Throughout the trip we grew closer together as a student body and as a family.  I cannot wait until I am able to go back.  I think going on this trip was the perfect way to end our last year of high school.  I thank God for giving us this opportunity.

Joakim - Malaysia

Coming to Malaysia has been the best experience I have had in all my high school life. Fulfilling the school’s motto of ‘Greatness through Service’ at the end of the year has been an amazing way to allow myself and the other year 12s to understand what the school is all about.  This trip to Malaysia has brought out a very hard working side of me.  This trip has also shown me how serving others change their lives, and how happy people become after receiving help from others.  I never knew how much I enjoyed serving others until coming to Malaysia.  I can see myself going on more mission trips.

Jala - Malaysia

This trip has been the highlight of my entire year! It’s been great experiencing the cultural differences and experiencing the village lifestyle. Working on the toilet facilities had been hard but wonderful at the same time, and I loved every minute of it. I especially loved the welcoming nature and caring hearts of the Sarawak people. This trip has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone, but I have learnt from these experiences and am glad I got the chance to do so.

Devii - Malaysia

Ten days ago, I was a completely different person. Coming on this trip really has changed my life for the better. Sharing my personal testimony in a church was the best thing I could have ever done. Being accepted into the church, I made no friends, but brothers and sisters instead. It is an absolutely amazing feeling. Being able to work so hard all throughout the year has really paid off. To build the hygiene facility for people, who would never have been able to do it without us, is in incredible feeling. Being able to live the way they do, and having them do so much for us, it really made me question, ‘Who served who?’ I would really like to say a massive thank you to the teachers who organized this trip; it really has made a difference. I know it was hard work, but the others and myself really appreciate it, as it has really has been a life changing experience. I am ever so glad this was made possible. Thank you so much. 


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