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Pastoral Care

The pastoral care program of the College is a program of total care for each individual child and is incorporated into daily school-life as well as in Bible and Pastoral Care classes. It is designed to provide spiritual, social and vocational guidance, and to establish a network of relationships that will support each child during their College experience. It recognises the importance of helping students to develop a full understanding of themselves, their relationship to God and their role in society, thus enhancing their concept of self-worth. We believe that caring for one another as a school community is important for us to thrive as a school family. There are various ways in which this occurs at Carmel Adventist College.

Our Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Team offers a buddy system for new students as they settle in. It helps to foster relationships and support between younger students and their older peers. The College also has a strong focus on family support both within the school and in the wider family context. This pastoral team plays a significant role in fostering a strong sense of community amongst the students and the parent community.

We value the importance of nurturing relationships between the teachers, students, and parents. It is through caring and respectful relationships that effective communication can occur, and our students’ potential can be achieved academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. This fosters a warm sense of community and a safe environment where students learn valuable relationship-building skills in a setting that values individuality.

Our pastoral care program in the College operates in the following ways:


The College Administration operates an “open-door” policy. Opportunities to support students are created by:


Collectively, the staff share in the pastoral care program by:

Individual Teachers

As Christians, each teacher demonstrates his/her care for and interest in each child by:

Specialised Personnel

The pastoral care program in the College is enhanced by the following personnel and the services they provide:


The College includes activities in its classroom curriculum that form an important part of its process of pastoral care:

Special Programs

The College includes activities in its program that form an important part of its process of pastoral care.

College Council and Parents and Friends Association

These two bodies foster interaction between parents, teachers and students, endeavouring to harmonise the work of the family and the College in the individual growth and development of each student.


Carmel Adventist College offers a full-time chaplaincy service to its students. It operates as an important part of the College’s pastoral care system.

The focus of the chaplains is:

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